Failed Killing

This is my first GMOD comic. Hope you enjoy it! It tells the story of a German’s failed killing of a sleeping American soldier… because of a headcrab.

Dude srsly use [IMG]
I didnt watched the comic
Too much work!

D-d-d-d-double failure.

You ACTUALLY Managed to UPLOAD images now! Grats!

Troll among us.

Well, atleast you provided links to the images this time.

well this is a dissapointment

This was a dumb comic… A DOD:S soldier in office says “Now I finally get to kill you” and then some headcrab jumps on his head…

Oh snap, zenhorse just got buuuuuuurned!

Not terrible, but posing-wise, you need to watch out for where the gun is so it doesn’t noclip straight through the hand like it did. Also as The Combine said, use for uploading pics. Other than that, not bad for a new comic. But good job finally posting the pics.

Ok yes I know there are some mistakes here. I still don’t know how to upload thumbnails quite yet but I do know how most of it works now. You should check out my other comic, it fixes many mistakes.