Failed load of .VVD data

Hey guys.
Before we get started, this is my first post here. And yes, my user-name is “THE GMoD” but to be completely honest, “GMoD” in my context stands for… Well something I am to embarrassed to say, I was younger, and I came up with a name, GMoD happened to be the anagram. And I have not really gotten around to changing it, so “THE GMoD” it stays.

Well, onto the actual issue, shall we?

I was recently poking around the Garry’s Mod files, and trying to port in a model I had laying around, that I wanted to see in Garry’s Mod.

Quick info, it is a ragdoll model, and I have the following files for it:


As well as a heap of texture files, gibs, etc.
(Model, here, is a temp name for the file, I would give the real name but at the moment I will keep details like what exactly the model is, and such, secret)

Anyways, I created an entry for it in the spawn list, put all the files in the right spot, loaded up Garry’s Mod…
So the spawn list entry worked fine, I spawn it in. And it is invisible… I move it around, and run along it, the model is clearly there, just not showing up.
I check all my files, reload and find the same problem…

At this point I decide to check the console to see the source of the problem:

“MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for model.mdl”

After a long search on Google, I come up dry, no solution.

Have you guys ever had this issue? If so what did you do to fix it, and how can I go along doing said thing?

Thanks for your time.

This is what makes people mad, and almost always gets me a warning, but I need to bump this.
I seriously need help with this issue, if anyone can give me a hand, I would appreciate it more then ever.

This most commonly happens when the name of the model is changed or it’s moved to a directory other than the one it was compiled into. If the model was originally located at mygame/mygame/models/players/model.mdl, its path, when moved to gmod, has to be garrysmod/garrysmod/models/players/model.mdl.

It’s funny that you’d mention the name of the model, because if you’ve changed it to something weird, that’s why it’s not working.

I hope that helps :smiley:

It’s a pretty simple question and I agree that someone should have tried to help you out by now but visitors to this thread may have been scared away by the immensity of your first post. The best way to get (most) people here to read threads and try to help you out is by keeping them simple and including only the things that are pertinent to your problem or question.

Good luck and, if my suggestion doesn’t work, I’ll be more than happy to help you sort it out.

Thanks for your help, I have yet to reorganize the location, as it is not the same as the model’s original location.
The model name, as well as the textures etc have not changed, I just kept it private in here for now.

I have a thing with writing longer then needed posts, I guess I just like to write, I will admit I have even skipped over reading posts due to there massive size.

Thanks for your support, really appreciate it. I will test this out and see what comes of it later,

Thanks again : )

No problem! Good luck.


First of all, forgive me for upping this long time dead thread, but I have a similar problem and I can’t find any kind of help on google…

Here’s the thing: I found some great models here on facepunch, but I’m working with Maya. And the problem is that nearly all my models are for sfm, with the .mdl, .vtx, .vvd and all the other Valve’s extensions. Fortunatly, I found a way to import these models in maya to then export them in fbx (which will allow me to use them on any software) - indeed, Valve created a Maya plugin able to read the mdl files. We can find this plugin in Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\sdktools\maya.

So basically, after struggling for two days and saw a lot of tutos about it, I installed the good maya compatible with this Valve plugin, but when I import a mdl file, I get this error:

// Warning: MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for [short directory/file.mdl] //
// Error: Can’t get studiohwdata_t for [directory/file.mdl] //
// Result: Imported [directory/file.mdl] //

And if I try te reimport a second time the same model, I only got the bones without the model.

I also tried to put the “models” and “materials” folders of my model in the \Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod, but I got the same result when importing.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Or does anyone have a better way to convert sfm models to fbx? Maybe there’s an easier method to do it …

Thank you very much in advance!