Failed To Connect (AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer) on Official Server

US East Coast 3 (Large) yields this error. I have not been able to connect for thirty minutes. This is apparently a known problem that requires an administrator to kick the player or the server to reboot. Please reboot this server. I enjoy playing this game and do not want to lose my base.

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Same problem here.

What is going on? The error keeps changing. Before it was AuthTimeout and when I could connect, it was having the massive rubber-banding lag that it had before. I am pretty sure it’s a ddos attack. But I hope everything is okay and we don’t have to do anything since this “new” error is occurring.

This sometimes happens to me, try joing other servers and restarting Rust, that usually fixes it for me.

That is not the issue here. I have tried that. I have shut down Steam and played an alternate official server. I have used an alternate account. It is not fixed. There are /countless/ other people with the issue that have said the same. Here are a few examples: . Try the first, it is a fine example of the things that will not remedy it.

Wow this is bullshit. AND this lag storm caused it, I’m certain.

So now we are going to lose all our stuff it sounds like.

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Is there a way to contact staff/admins of Rust?


Do you not understand that this is an alpha? You were always at risk of losing your progress. Nothing is permanent this early in development and you were never promised otherwise.

If you can’t handle technical problems, don’t buy any games in Early Access ever again.

The experimental branch is what matters at this point, and it’s what the devs are focusing on.

Do you go around posting the same thing 8 times just for post count? Get life, lol.

elixwhitetail, please stop using every opportunity to boost your post count with useless spam. If you don’t have anything useful to contribute to the poster, stfu.

silekonn, a lot of people are having problems with this, me included. It also seems like there are a lot of people who don’t have the problem, judging from the player count on US East 3. This means it’s unlikely we’ll get help soon. Garry’s already got the dough so he’s in no rush to help.

Yesterday, I was able to fix the problem accidentally by joining other servers, disconnecting, and then reconnecting to US East 3. It worked a few times, but the horrible lag kicked me out eventually. Today, nothing I try is working.

As for your base, it will probably decay. It sucks, I know, because I just built a home myself.

The problem is they are too lazy and “busy” to reboot the server or to give permission to Ideal to do so. It is not any project. It takes less than sixty /seconds/. I am sure another Elix will chime in and tell me “if everyone asked for sixty seconds” and my response is, they don’t.

Reboot the server. Tell Ideal they can do it. Script it for all of the officials (it would take less than five minutes to permanently tell the servers to reboot every midnight). It would fix a large problem and make a great part of the player base happy.

“This is the old branch” follows. This is the branch people are using. The blanket “it is alpha” is a hack shot excuse for not doing basic jobs. Recoding the U. I. to fix hackers would take some work. Things like scripting or just manually rebooting take seconds from the day and make dozens (or hundreds, accounting for exposure) happy.

Please reboot the server. Please copy and paste this and send it to Ideal: We give permission to have the Official servers rebooted at midnight. Here is their clickable email address: . Please do something other than have your fanboys defend you with “this is alpha.” You are selling a game making tens of millions and using an excuse to not lift a finger.

The fact this game has $30 million in the pocket and only fifteen-odd people making it is an example of poor management. The fact they have no P. R. whatsoever and dozens of forum goons like Elix griefing posters with legitimate requests is nothing short of pathetic.

It is alpha != ignore small jobs so the next project can have the “full force” of near-fifteen employees. If the choice was made to profit from it, there is a responsibility to basically maintain it. Please do that.