Failed to connect(AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer) problem

Today is Wednesday the 5th of march, on Monday the 3rd of march I was happily playing rust with some mates. I disconnected from the server that I play on had dinner took a shit came back opened Rust and bam got a message saying this: Failed to connect(AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer)

I can connect to every other server on the list but the one I have been playing on. My friends have been playing on the server and don’t want to move because I can’t connect.

I have tried the following solutions and none have worked:
Restating my PC
Logging out of steam
uninstalling rust
restarting my modem
turning off the firewall
goggling the problem
connecting to a different wifi (Neighbors lol)
Changing the steam gamertag

Has anyone else had the same problem and how did you solve it