Failed to Connect (AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer)

I was playing on US East Coast 3 (Large) and my friend closed a door on me. Per usual I would just dc and come back into game, however this time I keep getting this error message. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? I think it’s server sided; does anybody have a fix for this?

[Edit] I can get on any other server.

Try to close Rust?

Got this on every server?

Try restarting your PC?

Worth a shot.

It’s only on this particular server, I can get on any other one.

I tried restarting my PC and re-installing Steam and Rust, however it was to no avail.


Still can’t log in 20 hours later… Can anyone help at all?

i had this problem how i fixed it was: i joined a server and pressed F1 to enter the console then type net.disconnect, if that dosnt work i dont know what to do, thats how i fixed it

Not working for me >.< I’ll probably have to wait for a server reset.