Failed to Connect(AlreadyConnectedToServer)

Im having trouble connecting to north america 3, i was on this morning but now its not letting me on, and it keeps saying Failed to Connect(AlreadyConnectedToServer)?!?!
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

I had the same prob with mine after my pc froze up so had to hard power off. then i got that msg for about 15-20 mins. i restarted a cuple of times and it did the trick. hope this helps, if not try joining a difent server then discon and try agen.
p.s sry about spellin and grammer

Thanks for the suggestion, but it still won’t work, i can play on all the servers but the one i want to play on, and i have no idea what to do. I have tried everything, from reinstalling the game to refreshing my ip. Anymore suggestions or ideas of what this might be?:suicide:

i have same issue. its been 3 days since i got this message.

only fix is
1- admin should kick your stuck character
2- server restart

1st choice impossible. they saying no admin in official servers.
for second choice we have to pray for server crash…

its really anoying…

ahhh shit really?