(Failed to connect) Connection Failed US East 3 (Large)

Getting this error on this server only (US East 3 (Large) : (Failed to connect) Connection Failed

Me and my friend both got booted(After a 30sec no response from server, EI doors wouldn’t open ect), and cant get in this server anymore.
It shows as full but full servers don’t give us this same error.

Can mods make sure the right people are aware of this? Also would be nice to know if they are working on this issue.


Bump. It’s been an hour now.

Yeah I dunno what’s going on…

I would like to play! lol


I pinged the server, seems to be fine. but the server script is glitched somehow.*

Any status update on if/when this will be fixed?


Guess no one is watching servers at this time =/

It’s the only official server I can’t connect to.
It’s listed as full (200/200) but it isn’t. Help us out and restart the server!

bump :x

Its not up


I am seeing Facepunch_Connector_Auth_Timeout errors on EVERY server i try to connect to. Is this related?

No, it’s unrelated. The server is unreachable, it’s happened 4 times in 4 days, but they have never taken this long to bring the server back to its functionality. We’re at over 8 hours at this point…

dayum server

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still down…

I was trying to connect for about 15 minutes before coming across this thread. I thought the server was just full. At least now I know it’s an issue for everyone.

still not working … ://

Thanks for the update Finity, checking this thread periodically to see if the server comes up.

I guess they think this server is fine cause it is 200/200, but everyone disconnected from that server,its empty and still showing as full with the error “(Failed to connect) Connection Failed”
People in charge of the servers don’t check the forums I guess?

Still down. Been 12 hours now.

Can’t believe it’s still down from when I stopped playing last night. Have they ever taken this long to address a server issue?