Failed to connect (ConnectionBanned) ?


I was playing on my friends server and when I logged off and logged back in 10 mins later I keep getting this error. It shows the connection screen for about 1 second then throws me back to the server selection. We both looked in the logs I was never banned, looked in the ban file and no one is in there. Then we checked to see if I could join another server and I can just not this server… Anyone have an idea on whats going on?

Thank you,

Well according to your steam account, you were not VAC banned, so it’s not that. Try again tomorrow or try some different servers.

maybe they switched the server to whitelist only. probably gotta join some kind of steam group.

Pretty straight-forward. You were banned from a server. Find a new server where they don’t randomly ban people.

Also, probably worth checking out that server’s website on the off chance that they did add whitelist - though I believe the message would not be a “banned” one in that instance.

Like I mentioned in the post, its my friends server and there is no whitelist. I have access to the servers logs and all the files and I was not banned that was the whole problem. I am an admin on the server as well. Was not switched to whitelist, I was not banned by anyone since it was just me and him as admin. We looked in ban file and I was not in there.

Any ideas?