Failed to connect (connectionfailed)

Since i bought the game (it’s a week) i can’t connect to any server. It’s loading for a while and then it gets back to the main menu and it writes “Failed to connect (connectionfailed)”.
I really don’t know what is wrong with it. I think i tryed all what i can to solve it.
Please help !

are you sure windows isnt blocking it? firewall?

router issues? try bypassing the router (plug directly into the modem)

Disable Windows Firewall or any other firewall program you have.

I tryed to disable windows firewall and avast, also i banned the hamachi network. Nothing helps.
I am directly connected to the modem, but it’s a secondary router, which is connected to the main router. You know, if you understand to my explanation :smiley:
So i’ll go try to directly connect to the main router.

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Directly connection to the main router didn’t help.
I forgot say you, that when i tryed join the server, then my internet connection falls for a while. I mean, that i’m still connected to internet, but the Google Chrom won’t load the web and also the Steam won’t load. But the other things like for example TeamSpeak etc. still works.
Hope you understand it.

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OK. I disabled firewall and Avast. Then i successfully join the server. So i disconnected and tryed it again, but it didn’t work it, again the same problem. -_-

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After a new update it works. :slight_smile:

It does not work again -_-