Failed to connect (Facepunch_Connecter_WaitedLimbo)

I am sorry to post this again but please give me A clear answer without any fuss. I want to cause no trouble.

I am getting this when I try to connect to a server Failed to connect (Facepunch_Connecter_WaitedLimbo). Here is a screenshot.

Please Help to your best convenience.

Same here … just started happening today

There is a sticky at the top of the page with this issue

my partner and i have been getting it on different servers today. just now, we were both on the same server. admin said he’d restart the server so that some of his friends could join. when we went back a couple minutes later, my partner was able to join, but i couldn’t.

I cant join any server it says that too

Yeah, it’s been happening for 10+ hours…

PlayRUST twitter states: “Still experiencing steam authentication issues, will update as soon as we receive any news”

(Yeah, that was 8 hours ago… so…)

Good luck! Play with y’all when we actually have working servers again!

Same here, goddamn it

This should be fixed now if you update your game, however only the official servers will be available until the hosts update