Failed to connect (Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure)

When I try to join the server US East Coast, I get this error:

Anyone know anything about this? Thanks

Just made a post on this, no answer yet, but apparently it isnt just me

Your username name is scary close to my name irl. I got confused for a second.

same here authfailure…

This should be solved now, Let me know if it is

Not working for me, still getting the Auth error.
Tried restarting my router, computer and steam.

Edit: Getting the Auth error and cant find any server except for those in my server history

Edit2: Can find servers now and connect to every server except for 1, other players on that server can still log on and off.

If you’re still having this error, try restarting your steam and installing any pending updates

Could it be inception?

Steam gives me no updates, tried restarting and now i’m re-installing the game, maybe that works.

my partner and i have both been playing side by side - he can no longer log on, but i can.

he just updated steam, and restarted his computer - still nothing.

I also got this Problem, i re-installed the game but nothing happend. there is one Server i always play on, and i cant join this server. But i am able to Join other Servers.

Can you confirm that this happens with joining the official servers? (US Central mainly)

Official Servers are working for me, its just a problem with the community servers.

Even re-downloading/installing didn’t solve the problem, and steam has no updates for me.

Ah okay, then they probably need to be restarted

Yeh, i can join the US Central 1 Server

I am trying to join US East Coast 2 and it is giving me this error every time.

i have stoped and restarted my server restarted steam and nothing works fix please

This same problem is happening to me, any update on what is going on?

Still waiting for a fix, anything please!