Failed to connect (Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure)

UPDATE: Valve is aware of this issue and are working to fix it. It’s a problem with steam authentication. In addition some other games using the same steam authentication system are experiencing this issue.**

Some users can connect, some can’t, sometimes resetting steam works, sometimes it doesn’t. We will let you guys know exactly what is going on as soon as we can. Thanks a bunch for being patient and sorry about the downtime.

UPDATE 2 : We’re attempting to restart some of the servers, this means the server you are playing on may go down for a few minutes

thanks helk for the news!

i wish you guys good luck!

Ps: i got an email from saying this
"…they will get in touch with the company doing the networking library…"

could this be something that went wrong ?

Thanks for the update and getting on it so quickly. Let’s hope it get fixed in timely manner so I can have a nice night of Rust with some friends ! :slight_smile:

I think, we click ‘disconnect’ button later occur this problem


For the past around 24 hours I could join other servers than Central 4. After just checking I can no longer join any server

WaitedLimbo after the new server gives me WaitedLimbo and attempt to connect again I get AuthFailure.

Short: Now unable to play any server, where as prior AuthFail was just for home server (Central 4)

Thanks for the quick update on the problem. Cant wait to play some more. SOO ADDICTED. NEED MORE RUST. :slight_smile:

Yes unfortunately I cannot enter any of the community or official servers… Please solve this issue, me & my friends love this game… Please inform us… thank you

I know this was happening last night and the official severs got a reboot at like 12 am EST and that fixed the issue for a while. This could be a temp fix till you figure things out.

Just some info on this, may or may not help, I got this same error on US Central 3 yesterday, had to switch servers and could never get back on it.

Bwah. We have it with the whole clan /GG/ in server Belgium.

hey i noticed you posted stating minuis uk servers. i am currently playing on uk 2 and am getting facepunch connector error also i cant play :frowning: tried my verifying my cach and restarting ext ext still nothing any other things i can try :frowning:

hope i dont get raided in this downtime :rolleyes:

seems like a connection failure to the steam user db at first… (times out on new server) then just defaults to “AuthFailure” on following attempts without taking as long.


I’ve noticed multiple games (Prime world, Planitary Annihilation) that use a 3rd party authentication system are not connecting at the moment for me.

It might not only be a Rust issue, but a general issue with steam authenticating to 3rd parties.

Also, something else i noticed.
The friends who can still play logged in to steam over 2 hours ago or even longer ago.
Me and 1 other friend who logged in to steam in the last hour can not connect. I dont know if there is a relation to this, but it could help

US East 3 (large) need restart

Us central 3 (stress test) need a restart

hey, just posting to say that i really appreciate the timely communication update on the issue. thanks, helk!

Ahh what a sad story :frowning: come home for lunch to play rust and shes a not workin… Glad you are working on it so fast helk. :smiley:

Guys pls fix this problem… my mates told me that my little house is gone and i don’t wanna loose all my stuff i have on me… tooks too long to farm and craft it…-.-

Whats Going on ? 18 € for five minutes of gameplay F%&/$ and the only answere is its a steam Problem. Come on you really know what you are doing ? the servers from steam ? i dont think so. You scaming people nothing more. I now bashing steam to get my money back i hope this shit goes to death is another game that no one need…