Failed to connect?? help

I see people on servers but I cant join any of them its says Failed to connect(connection failed) and I have good signal

Please look at other threads before just posting something.
There has been an ongoing DDoS attack against all servers with players logged into them for about the last 10 hrs or so. Details are still fuzzy, but it seems that people can log into SOME servers, even those only stay online for an hour tops before they go offline again.

yeah I know the ddos attack but why is people playing and I cant

Those numbers you’re seeing are likely wrong. Everyone is seeing the same thing as you, trust me. You may find a random server that IS working, but it probably won’t last long before it’s offline like all the others.

alright sorry I read it

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Information being sent from the servers to your client is delayed because of the attack, in return its showing that there are x amount of people on even if there actually isn’t.