"failed to connect to the server"/Downloading "head" issue?

Edit #2: Now it suddenly works fine, I’m not sure why. Ignore the below text I guess.

Hey, I’m getting some weird crap with joining the game, where the download gets stuck and I get the error “failed to connect to the server” (yes, the F in failed is lowercase) in big red lettering in the middle of the screen. Everything Unity-wise appears to be working fine, no Unity errors. But, the game consistently fails to connect when it tries to download the file “head” and the progress is at “(1/3) 99%”. Consistently happens every time I try to play. Still have yet to get into the game, so if I could get some help with this I’d appreciate it.

Edit: Now it’s simply hanging on the “head” download with no change instead of disconnecting me. I’ve also tried searching for my issue and found nothing.

use the goddamn search function

actually look at the forum topics on the front page…

Ah, sorry, forgot about that.

EDIT: Not finding what you mean, my issue doesn’t seem to be anyone else’s, but I’m still looking.

I’m getting the same problem
Its either stuck at HEAD or failed to connect