Failed To Connect

I’m trying to get on Rust and I have tried all my browsers but none of them seem to work I keep getting Failed 1 Time(s) Retrying in 10???

same here…

Is this still the case?

yes still fail to connect

It should let you join if you join again - does that work?

tried everything… still trying to connect.

I’m still getting the problem… :c

Alright - I’ll try to fix it… just compiling now.

have logged out and in, have reinstalled unity, tried all browsers, restarted chrome… doesn’t help. :confused:

This happened after it crashed… before the patch came… but when the patch came… I could play again for a short time… then it crashed again… and now I fail to connect.

Yeah I tried installing a few other browsers and try it out but it wouldn’t work so I decided to come over to the forums and ask for help c:

I can not connect either.
When I go to the server made me quit the game and shows me the following error message:
Unity Web Player Error and I can give my e-mail and explain my problem and send a report.

Garry said BRB in the console meaning he is compiling and restarting the server so people who are bugged out can join… just wait

uhg time to teach all the new testers about “server downtime”
dont be shocked, its all part of building a game, cant be up 24/7

God I hope there isn’t a map wipe. I’ve been collecting building materials for a new house for 2 weeks and it would totally suck to lose them. Alpha, right guyz?

it wasent why we couldnt login…server was not down, I bugged out… then couldnt login. but now he put it down.

This should hopefully be a thing of the past now.

Played for some hours… and now I bugged out when i tried to spawn… screen whent black… and now it says failed to connect again… :confused:

same :confused:

Hey its you dude :slight_smile: my friend just killed you naked with hatchet vs your shotgun + pistol and you called him an hacker :smiley: i was outside with MP5 waiting for you to jump :smiley:

If we go to ur place and we talk to you, be friendly ok?

And yes, server crashed because 100 players (well it was on 97).

PS: Shotgun dont do damage its a bug now

so server crashed?