failed to load gmod thruster

When i try to load something on advanced duplicator in a garrys mod game, it often says “failed to load gmod thruster” what does this mean? i have all of the requirments for hte things… how do i fix this?

You can’t.

It means that your gmod is trying to load old thrusters, from before the update. Garry changed the thrusters, now we cannot load old ones because your gmod does not recognise them. I know of no way to fix this, sorry.

Actualy wire thrusters still work. All of my wire thruster adv’s still work.
( Most of my things do not use wire thrusters garry is so enoying )

Thats because the Wired ones are scripted by wire team, not Garry’s team.

Yeah, I was only talking about non-wire thrusters. It would be good if there was a fix, but I doubt there will be one.