Failed to load PropData

I’m trying to load models from l4d2 into an ep2 mod, and I can’t seem to get the models to actually load in game.

Failed to load models/props_foliage/flower_barrel_p9.mdl!
prop_physics at -184 -185 41 uses model models/props_foliage/flower_barrel_p9.mdl, which has no propdata which means it must be used on a prop_static. DELETED.

When I make it a prop_static, it says it is a dynamic model, and must be for an entity such as prop_physics. What am I missing?

Prop_Dynamic also does not work. The model doesn’t even load in the hammer model viewer.

Try prop_dynamic_override

That also doesn’t work. I think I’ve figured it out though. Gotta use the batch thing from and then it should work.

Ka-Ching! That worked.