Failed to load Steam ServiceServiceStart: failed to start

It seems like me and many other people who use SRCDS have been seeing a seemingly harmless error message when they startup their servers:

Failed to load Steam ServiceServiceStart: failed to start

This appears to do nothing, except it’s a poorly crafted error message, lacking a newline character at the end, causing the next line to start at the end of this one.

I think this may be on garry’s part to fix, due to the large amount of people (from what I can tell) who have this problem. (Other games based on the source engine seem to be having this issue, so I’m not totally sure if it is fixable by garry or not.)

Pertinent server information:

  • Run on Windows XP Home Edition SP3 (Yup.)
  • Server version: server.dll build #109

Server.dll 109 too
Windows 7 x64

Same problem on my gmod server (srcds, console mode)
don’t have it on my CSS server

don’t really know what it is, but it doesn’t seems to cause any trouble… except that it’s frustrating for poeple like me (and you i guess), who like when things are running perfectly.

Ya, and I have a tendency to miss any error after that, since the next error starts on the same line as this one :frowning:

Yeah, me too.

Screenshot (see the red line)