failed to load steam serviceservicestart: started as Windows service.

Whenever I start up my Garrysmod SRCDS server I get this error after it loads everything up.

Failed to load steam serviceservicestart: started as Windows service

I’ve been looking around for answers on this but often someone changes the subject before there is an answer.

  • I have updated to the latest version on garrysmod, orangebox, hl2 and counter-strike source.

  • I have tried re-updating and deleting the steam.ini file before
    re-updating as well.

  • I can connect to it but no one else can. Might be a Lan server but I also made sure that +sv_lan 0 is in the Srcds executable. This is what it says:

“C:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_construct +sv_defaultgamemode darkrp +hostport 27015 +sv_lan 0 +sv_region 255 -maxplayers 18 +hostname “[L33TBEANS]Build Rp - PHX|WIRE” -autoupdate”

My server used to work fine all the time. The latest update is what is causing the trouble I believe. Also, the Ulx motd doesn’t load anymore not a big problem but if anyone knows a fix it would be appreciated.

Edit: It also doesn’t say in the log “adding master server” so what does this mean.

For the motd thing rename ulx_motd to just motd and place in garrysmod/garrysmod (or wherever the folder is that contains the addons folder). I don’t use a dedicated server anymore so I can’t remember.

No idea about the initial problem though, there’s this thread which seems to have more attention than yours so it may be useful to keep track of it.

But honestly, if it were me i’d just start from the beginning and follow the wiki closely. Try it with vanilla gmod first, stuff like that. If you’re running Windows 7 try running the server as an administrator?