Failed to start game (missing executable)

When i want to start game avast says me that this game have a virus later when i closed that notification i try to start game again and it says Failed to start game (missing executable).IDK what is this please help.

First delete the cancer that is avast. Then redownload the game for the easyfix.

Another easy solution if you still want to keep Avast for some reason: Exclude Gmod’s hl2.exe from virus scanning, and restore it from the virus chest.

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It isn’t just Avast, either; alot of anti-virus programs right now are calling hl2.exe maleware for some reason. It is certainly a false positive though.

Avast is deleting my hl2.exe with definitions 141129-1

what am i seposed to do in virustotal?

It just shows that a normal hl2.exe is clean and should not geht removed from any anti virus.

Remove avast anyway.

I had this problem too. Just add an exception to Avast.

Hello guys! I’m in need of VITAL help, I have the same issue… I’ve tried everything yet I still get this nasty bug, I’m an Admin on a Garry’s Mod server you see, which means I have to be on frequently- so I’m begging you guys to PLEASE help me… I’m in desperate need for this, due to the fact if it doesn’t get sorted soon I could risk demotion. Please! my steam name is: maxgall123 (GMod Broke)
Also, my profile picture says “please do not feed the zombies”

Just do what was suggested to do a thousand times already.

If any gmod file gets corrupted or lost, simply validate your cache files to get the exe back, and tell your anti-virus to ignore it.

To validate your cache, right click on the game in steam, go to properties, then click the local files tab, then hit verify integrity of cache files.