Failing with AddCSLuaFile() :C

Yeah, well i’ve got a file in lua/autorun and i’m trying to send a file in lua/plugins/ and another file in lua/autorun that i need to send to the clients but it’s failing to work, any help anyone?

Make sure you include the file clientside as well.

Hm, i’ve done that but it just wont download the damn thing, clients say that they don’t see it being downloaded even if it’s the first time they join…

Post the code.

That is in the main file located at lua/autorun/dmod.lua

I think this function takes filepaths relative to the path of the file you’re running the function from. If the intended files are in lua/dmodplugins and you’re adding the files from lua/autorun you’ll want to have …/dmodplugins/somefile.lua.

You thought wrong. The problem must be something else.