Failout: Episode 1

I figured I’d finally get my feet wet with this whole comic thing since everyone else I know on here does it, and I’ve been itching to for a while, but never had the motivation until now. And Striker89’s own series **Displaced** got me fired up to do this. That and pissing my pants with anticipation for New Vegas.

Whenever we play the Fallout games, the Vault Dwellers are always heralded as individuals that shaped the wasteland. whether for good or evil, they attained infamy. This comic is based on dwellers with no such skills or desires. They’re not on epic journeys to help the wasteland or conquer it, just people with their own quirks trying to get by in this new world they find themselves in. and more often than not, causing quite a lot of mischief and mayhem.

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As always, constructive comments and critiques are encouraged and appreciated. Thanks, and enjoy!

Edit: Should have done this earlier.

List o stuff I used

Map: ZM_Gasdump

Vault 101 Bulma by Nexus Elite. Private release, sorry.
“Mr Stovepipe” is from the Korro Player Model Pack.
Sniper Rifle from Resident Evil 4.
Teddy Bear from Left 4 Dead.
Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3.
STALKER Vehicles from z-o-m-b-i-e at FPSB.
Resident Evil Barricade, Army Zombie & handgun ammo by Rusty.
Pseudodogs from an old STALKER pack.
Manga by Nexus_Elite & Ryu-gi.
Two-way Dildo by Stene.

She quite the mean person to do that :frowning:

Any way I can offer my services, just gimme a holler. Also, I’ve been booming with ideas over Displaced that I may/may not implement. So if you need any…I be here.

Mr.Stovehat has no pupils

ok i know im gonna bug people by askin but…where did u get the chick in the vault suit, her bear and her gun o.O

It’s a custom model that I really wanted to use for this, but the downside was that it wasn’t faceposable and yes, no pupils. So I made him blind to make up for that oversight.

Oddly enough I enjoyed using it, gave me a bit of a challange.

Nexus_Elite converted the Fallout 3 females, and the headhack was done at my request. The bear is from Left 4 Dead, and the Sniper Rifle is from Resident Evil 4.

No facepose? look like it need some fixing c:

lol, the expression on the dead guys face as she says “you were a sad, strange little man”

where did you get the pseudodog models O_o

They were released way back when the original STALKER first hit. I’m sure they’re still up on If not, let me know.

I dont mean to be rude or mean but its a little annoying when u show off this amazing model or prop or what have u and its “private” dont get me wrong im not trying to say anything aginst u…ur not the only one who does it…its just really really annoying…but then again im sure u have ur reasons…right now im currently begging that guy who did it for u, for one of my own…for personal uses…i mainly want it for posing…and rping…artistic crap like that lol…

You’re not the first one to make that claim either. It’s just the way it is.

I Agree with striker, stuff like this happen a lot. If you must know J.barnes was the one that requested it. That why you see that hack use.

so in other word no matter who i ask…im never going to get the model am i?

Yup yup, nexus, barnes or anyone for that matter need to dish out every little single thing they have. It’s all about who you know.

Also, Barnes…I commend you on the little details of the comic. The random scraps of things, trinkets, things in the background. Sure they go unnoticed by most, but they really bring it altogether, keep at it!

If J.Barnes is fine with it, then go ahead other than that ,this was a request i did for him.

Hell you won’t believe how much rants and whiners i get over this kind of stuff, just because i won’t release something that was a request and the person who requested doesn’t want it release. Not saying you’re doing that though.

eh im used to getting shot down…out of all of the times getting shot down by dick heads…its nice to get (maybe) shot down by someone who is actually nice…

Well like i said this was J.barnes request. If you think i’m some dick head because of his request then whatever. That still doesn’t change that that’s j.barnes choice. And prove what i’ve been mentioning lol.

this is great , i’m eagerd to read more. but man that’s gotta hurt

Hahahaha, that is really really great. Really enjoyed the atmosphere too.