Failure to Cooperate - A GTA-esque Interactive Adventure

I have decided to give this whole interactive comic thing a whirl. It won’t look as professional as others and it won’t even look like a comic per se; it’ll still be an interactive adventure. It’ll be similar to GTA; you decide the actions, you decide the “player’s” fate. Note thiat it is not edited as to give it that ‘old game’ look, like the GTAIII era.

Here we go.

* * * Failure to Cooperate * * *

Meet Vincent Clark, a local in the run-down community of Little Messina, populated with Italian immigrants. Clark, looking for money, has decided to turn to a life of crime for money.

It is a day after he robbed a local apartment and he is a bit tired. Remembering that he had a wad of cash in his pocket, he contemplates getting some chow.

Before he can make a decision, however, his cellphone rings; the caller ID is deemed unknown. What should he do?

A) Answer his cellphone.
B) Ignore the call and get something to eat/drink.


Health: 50% (hungry : you should get the player some nutrition before he passes out)**

Decide and enjoy (or not). Comments & criticism are/is accepted.

Answer it, I bet it’s going to be his cousin Roman.

You answer the phone and hear a jovial, booming voice on the other line.

You decide to go to Roman’s location but your health has dipped a bit. What do you do?

A) Go to the gun merchant.
B) Get something eat/drink.


Health: 47% **(hungry : you should get the player some nutrition before he passes out)

Can’t see shit on those pictures.

Weird, because I can. Maybe try turning your brightness up?

They’re pretty dark, and I don’t want to turn my brightness up for some comic.

I vote B.

I’ll change the brightness in the upcoming pictures if needed; the room these pictures were taken in was dark, which contributed to the darkness.

I’ll have the next few actions up in a bit.

You decide to get something to eat before you go see Roman.

A friend of yours, Frank, owns and runs a small eatery from his apartment. There are two guys on the porch arguing, but you don’t catch what it’s about.

You slip into a barstool at the counter and ask Frank for a bottle of beer. You take it and give him $12 while you question him about the guys in the back.

You walk out of the eatery and wander around until you get to Roman’s location.

You finally find the building and walk up the stairs to find Roman chatting with an unknown man; he appears to be the gun merchant.

You walk into the kitchen as Roman greets you. As you lean against a dresser, he introduces you to Deuce, the gun merchant. Deuce tells you about his “business”:

You turn around and check out Deuce’s assortment of weapons. It’s a very small group but something will get the job done.

Weapons are the bread and butter for any criminal; they can't go anywhere without some sort of heat. 
You can only carry one long weapon (shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, etc.) and two short weapons (pistols, SMGs). 
Ammo is limited to what you can carry.

Weapons Available:
-M1911 w/ extended 14 round magazine {$100}
-VZ61 Skorpion w/ 20 round magazine. {$172}
-Luger w/ 8 round magazine. {$71}
-Police Shotgun w/ 5 shell chamber. {$93}
-Pistol ammo (tan box - contains 2 extra mags). {$30}
-Shotgun ammo (red box - contains 25 extra shells). {$35}


Health: 100% (healthy)**

Choose what gun(s) and ammo Clark will buy.

Get the skorpion and the M1911 :smiley:

Will do.


Deuce is kind enough to give you one free gun (we’re going with the assumption this is a tutorial) so you purchase the Skorpion and M1911 [Extended], along with the pistol ammo - the Skorpion is free for this tutorial - altogether costing you $153.

You arrive at your not-so-dark safehouse.

This is your arsenal table. Whenever your weapon runs out of ammo or is lost, you can always replace it with a fully-loaded weapon from your safehouse. Whatever weapons you buy will be stored at your safehouse. You may also swap weapons during a mission, but be careful - they may not have much ammo or will be empty of rounds.

This is your bed. You may sleep on it to regain health and save your game. You cannot save during a mission.

This is your wardrobe. You may store clothes here, but only two outfits: the Brown Jacket or the Blue Jacket. You currently have the Brown Jacket.

What do you want Clark to do?
A) Save the game.
B) Change clothes to: Blue Jacket.
C) Freeroam.

100% (healthy)


Go with the blue jacket

Save the game, then get the blue jacket.

I’ll do both tomorrow. Time to wind down for now.

Be back tomorrow with a saved game & blue jacket.


After saving your game, you decide to change into the Blue Jacket and head out to roam the town. Before you go, you pick up your M1911; you never know when you need it.

While standing around outside, however, a skinny man comes up to you and offers you $250 to do a little job for him, which may involve murdering a few of his crack cocaine competitors.

What do you do?
A) Take up on his offer.
B) Decline his offer.
C) Shoot him and take his money, possibly alerting the police.

-M1911 Ext. w/ one spare mag and 14 ready bullets
100% (healthy : recent save)

Take up the offer. You’re a criminal, after all.

C,If the cops ask shoot them too.

Do it!