Failure to display custom models; misconfigured cache; FastDL


I recently started a local server to use whilst I edited my DarkRP script for release on a VPS. I downloaded XAMPP, DarkRP and a ‘citizen’s model’ pack (can be found here:

After getting the server up and running on DarkRP, sorting out my ports so that others could connect and setting up MySQL to work with DarkRP, I got to work trying to set up ‘FastDL’.

The first thing I did was open ‘autoexec.cfg’ and add the lines:
sv_downloadurl http://[my public IP here]/garrysmod/
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0

Then I ran Apache. In my webserver’s (let’s just call it that for now) “Garrysmod” folder, I put the “models” and “materials” folders from the skin pack. I also created a “maps” folder and put my map in there, then created a “cache” folder and put the Dua file from the server’s “cache” folder in there.

Lastly, I opened up the “init.lua” (note; when this later failed, I tried the same in “shared.lua” to no avail) file in my DarkRP folder and used “Resource.AddFile” on every file on the webserver’s “models” and “materials” page. I spent about an hour making sure the directories’ lower cases and upper cases matched, the names matched, and I was not requesting any resources that didn’t exist. Then I changed the civilian skins in “shared.lua” to the custom ones, once again being extremely vigilant as to not make a mistake. Away to test.

Started up Garry’s Mod, connected to the server as normal, and was happy to see that the neccesary skin files were downloading. Afterwards, I downloaded the Dua file and connected to the server… only to find that players using the custom skins were error signs and that in the top-right of the screen it said that the “cache was misconfigured”. Also, when trying to connect to the server again, the exact same thing happened; including re-downloading all of the resources, but not being able to display them properly (either via spawn icons, or actual rendered models).

2-3 hours later, and I’m pretty sure I’m close to having tried everything. I made a “gamemodes/DarkRP/content/” folder in my webserver and then put the models and materials for the skins in there too. I tried placing the Resource.AddFile commands in “shared.lua” (and even “cl_init.lua”, I’m a noob). I’ve tried deleting the server caches (on both servers) and generating new ones (by starting up the dedicated server tool), only to have the “misconfigured” error still come up.

I have no idea what to do. Please help me. I’m going crazy.