Fairy e2 trick

I saw this guy use the fairy e2 to make about 6 sawblades circle his head. ( not all squashed together) If you have seen x-men origins you would know that [spoiler] There’s a person who can make playing cards fover around him. [spoiler]It was a bit like that, when he made them attack someone they would flow in a snake-like stream of blades. I would like to know how to do it.

I tried spawning 6 sawblades and putting the fairy e2 on them but they just flew around me packed into a sawblade sandwich.

To go over the things that the guy on gmod could do: Make sawblades hover around him without being packed together, make the blades move to a target like a snake and he could make them pack and unpack themselves (sawblade sandwich and not a sawblade sandwich.

You might have better luck at wiremod.com?

I think he used Balls of Steel not the fairy

I have found out now and Doritos_Man is right, it was Balls Of Steel >.>