Fairy [edited] - controllable

Here is my edited version of the Fairy.
I have removed all the “talk” functions and added the function to go into it and control it.
Use the “use”-key (normally “e”) to go in and out of it.
Use the “Jump”-key (normally space) to stop, and “Run”-Key (normally “Shift”) to fly faster.

Robbis_1 original fairy: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=7765074

** Download: ** http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=69546

Installation: Extract to garry’s mod addon folder

Any errors or ideas for new functions/things that should have been done, just post them in this thread or PM me.


[/li]Added stop and speed functionality.

[/li]First release



Functions I’ll add in the future
[ul][li]door opener
[/li][*]light and sound functions[/ul]

I am certain you didn’t ask for robbis_1’s permission and i will bet he is not amused.

Although I agree that you probably didnt ask permission etc. this is a good idea as long as when you come out of the fairy you appear wherever you flew the fairy to. But you still should have asked!

Yes, I know. I should have asked. I have sent him a PM now, but I should have asked before.

Btw. are there anyone who knows how to make you spawn with the same weapons which you had when you went into it?

Robbis isn’t a dick, and since you clearly stated that you just edited it, he won’t mind at all.

Besides, its nice that he left in some of my code too. Lol

(was a comment I left in referring to the start of a code block I added to remove some lua errors)

Love it dude!
Only thing I would like to say is maybe add mouse one to “use” while in the fairy? Means you can get though doors ect.
Also could you make space stop the fairy totally? Means you can navigate tight areas by starting and stopping and you can also “sit” in one place without having to spend 10 minuets trying to counter the forces :slight_smile:
Good job, loved the original too Robbis, this is just as good :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve actually used them now and they are definitly awesome and fun, but I do agree with kaffo about the extra controls which would be handy.

You spelt his name wrong…it’s Robbis_1 not robbus_1

Killergam: Thank you for pointing it out, I was in a hurry and didn’t notice I had written it wrong.

Kaffo: Good ideas. I’ll look into it when I have time and then upload a new version of it when it is finished.

Ah good, thank you for reading ^^

Per chance is this the first time you have done any sort of gmod release (and are you new to lua)?


I have just formatted and reinstalled the computer, and if I got time I will fix the new functions tomorrow and then upload the new version.

And Flamin362, yes it’s the first time I have made anything in lua.

New version out. I have added the stop function, but I havn’t got the “use” function to work jet. Still working on it. I’ll upload a new version if/when I have made it work.

Any other Ideas for the Controllable Fairy?

Nice one dude :slight_smile:
I know it seems a little silly, but maybe a light funcion like the one in the orignal? Where it REALLY glows to catch people’s attention. I use this for beta testing maps you see along with Shadowsand, we grab a fairy each and we show people around maps, it’s fantastic for it’s uses!
Oh and maybe some sound to make people look? Something screaming though the mic doesn’t work :wink:
Just some ideaz dude :smiley:

So you’re planning on using the fairy as a tour guide. Cool. That shouldn’t be a problem; I’ll add the function as soon as possible.

It’d be nice if you could still change the color of it like the original fairy. Also, I agree with the primary fire=use thing, and what Kaffo said about making sounds and glowing more brightly.

Hehe, indeed, also you CAN Still change the colours and the name, use the console commands fairy_colorb
fair_colourg and fairy_colorr to change the colours, ok I don’t remeber if it’s that EXCATLY but something like that, and the name is fairy_name.
Hope that helps ^^

Thats really odd,

The first thing i did in lua was edit and improve the fairy and i did it and released my attempt on the 20th of April 2008.

And you did the same on the 20th of April 2009.

I wonder who will do it next year.

can Some one make this work for gmod 10?

Oh look a troll