fairy tail gamemode

hey id like to know if any one could make me a game mode like the animation show fairy tail kinda like this

with the circles and everything if i have to pay i will i think it would be cool if it was done right

Add me on steam at vypr11 my name will appear as c-unit

If you add an pony your life will become depressed PM me instead and we can talk.

if you add an Turtle with terrible grammar your life will become much more confusing. Add me and I’ll code your gamemode for cheaper and without silly foreign mistakes.

Sais the bad programmer boycott.

Don’t listen to a thing RedTurtl3 says, hes a dumb troll. And i think hes somebodies alt.

Oh dear here we go again making up more dumb lies. Remscar Also every newb coder is an better coder then you.

Obviously a troll thread.