Faith and her Lover on a bench

Kinda related music:

But yeah this is the prelude
-Lock your
-Watch out for
-Faith’s got a small implant on her arm like the Medium Punks from Dystopia, i think EA are Dystopia Fans.
-This pic was unplanned but came out good imo.

I’m looking at Faith’s eyes right now and she looks like she’s looking somewhere else. :v:

Her eyeposing is borken

“My nose is telling nice things to me”

I find faith so butt ugly…

Lol derp. Eyeposing fails and the robots in the background look really out of place bu the idea is nice so I rated you optimistic.

It’s a prequel to this pic:


Also faith’s eyeflexes are broken to shite

It is much better.
Rated optimistic again cause there are too much sharp edges and too much Garrysmod.
And the Woman in Red needs moar Victor Creed Smile.

No. Sabretooth is not cool at all, he’s a campy marvel character

The(yes the) fuck!
Than you didnt watch the new Wolverine. Youd say other things if you did.

I don’t watch modern movies, i’m not much of a follower…

You should cause modern movies teach you the badassery like explosions or facial expressions.

I think roger moore can teach me more in 2/3 hours of Live And Let Die than jack hugman or whoever in 1 hour 30 mins of “LOLOLO WOLVAREN 3”

Any more crit anyone?

Stop bumping it

That’s not criticism.