Faith Jumps! (Now with super extra genericness!)

Faith Jumps!



She seems really calm about it…

pretty sure you cant facepose the model

anyway, its not the best, should of had her head looking forward with her arm out, would look nicer


unless shes jumping down

What’s wrong with her left wrist.

She’s not able to be face posed.

…How does her face have relation to her wrist?

bad posing is bad

i thought maybe the good posing was bad, or the bad posing was good, i was mistaken

Could’ve been better if the posing weren’t so bland.

Could’ve been better if you put a 30. Carbine bullet going through her guts. It would explain the down syndrome look.

Hmm, I love the tranquility of the moment but I dislike the fact the pegions are blurred. There could be more landscape involved seeing this is about free-running and such but at the end I see you have produced a really nice picture.