Faith Nude

Here is finaly the release:


Download Here

Ok the model is not perfect, but I’m tired from working on it, then it will stay like that.

Seen the WIP tread for more pics

Just extract to your garrusmod folder

Hey, not bad. Not crazy about the FF models, but you did a decent job with the headhack, and hey, looks like the flexes work. I have no use for this model, but gotta give credit when credit is due.

Cool, nice to see the release. I’ll have a play with this one tonight and see how it goes.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Damn son :q:

Sex poses, sex poses… :q:

Oh, hawt.

Yeah, 'ya finished it and it looks gorgeous.
I think i at least create 2 pin-up/sexy shots with your model. :keke:

Finally!!! I don’t really know what I should do with it but it’s too sexy to be left out. :smug:


Oh hey you released it. Downloading now. :q:

FF hands are disgusting,

I still hate the hands with a passion.

side note




great model and headhacking skills.

What’s the point of hiding the breasts on the first picture, and then showing them on the second one?

May i ask what is FF? Sorry if this is stupid.

The FakeFactory mod, dude. AKA Cinematic Mod.

Thanks much appreciated. But it’s used to model things like this, correct?

Oh my god, the internet perverts has struck again. :eek: