Faith taking a leap of faith.

Thanks to joazz for edit.

Nice work thar db

I’m pretty sure the chopper would go down with a huge crane magnet attached to it like that.

Combine technology!

A Black Hawk would have looked better in this picture anyway.

I just reinstalled gmod, i don’t have any dark eagle models or whatever

Then you should have downloaded some.

You know… all these excuses… you sound awfully familiar.

Lol, I wonder who you could be talking about?

To be honest it was originally a couple of crates but there was no way faith’d stay on that for more than five seconds so i changed it to a magnet to make it MORE realistic.

Obviously i failed

…aaaand to the chest.


Kind of a boring picture with low graphics/effects, not really interesting. Pick a different map, or make one, or build the buildings with props.

She looks like she is hitch hiking.

Wrong thread bro

Take criticism “bro”

Nope, it’s Deathbucket. Nevermind.

cough Deathbucket cough


Just because i’m not so good at posing doesn’t mean i’m some random person

Poor Joazz

sure is deathbucket in here.

:confused: What?