Faith's fail on Zoey and the other survivors are a mad[and my take on personal skins]

Yes, I know I forgot a title, and the comic may be bad, if not terrible, but it’s still better than a good chuck of other comics here. Just give me C&C so I have something to work off of.

edit: it is in fact my first uploaded comic.

Why a .gif…? It ruins the quality of the image… Also I don’t want to break your bubble, but do like me, if you can’t make a comic (speechbubbles, etc,) don’t make 'em


on the other hand I find the faceposing / fingerposing / general posing pretty good (the one with francis threatening louis is excellent imo)

A bit better criticism than I thought, I made it a gif because it would not upload to some sites and other sites that accept png re size it. And I do want pointers on how to make it better.

great editing

last frame was hillarious great job

Next time don’t use GIF or PNG, convert them to JPG/JPEG format. It lowers the size of picture and still has great quality. And almost every picture site accepts JPG/JPEG format.

Anyway, posing was great, spelling too, just make speech bubbles a little better. (Check tutorials) Otherwise, it was nice.

Oh, and don’t make so long title.

Not much of this made sense to me, what was the point of Zoey being in Mirror’s Edge? She was there just because of a “developer’s mistake”, alright but that seemed to be about it. The L4D scene started out pretty funny but then the personal skin thing just seemed a bit unnecessary. You hate personal skins, fair enough, but again there wasn’t a point in having them here other than just being there for you to say you hate them. Try and think your plots through a bit more next time, just throwing situations into a comic does not make a story.

On top of that, don’t use .gif for anything other than tiny icons or animation, end of story. The editing isn’t the worst I’ve seen but you could use some better speechbubbles and fonts.

I didn’t know what the title should be though…

I’m laughing over the fact people are acting as if this is NOT A trollcomic

Yeah because a troll-comic tends not to be incredibly terrible and “edited” with Paint…

This is a first comic, I had no ideas to work with.


So you hate personal skins? Wow, wierdo.

i hate them too. “hai guys dl mah skin”

In Soviet Russia, Madmanmad kills YOU!

Actually, he does that all the time anyway.

Really good for a first comic! The main point itself was good too! But this is not the screenshot section! Don’t make describing titles! It will be most likely be taken for a troll comic by most people.

No, didn’t you get the secret message? It’s a joke that everyone complains about personal skins in the screenshots section, if you haven’t noticed.
And he’s even in the title it stands: “[and my take on personal skins]” Why would he have on if he hates them?

I lol’d. Pretty good for 1st comic.

finally, a good comic

If anyone had a complaint on the length of title, I had no Idea what to call it.