Fake Clients

Does anybody know how I can set up fake clients on my server? I’ve seen other servers with fake clients. Thanks to whoever helps.

Why would you need them?

I just need them for my server. Please don’t ask for what. Unless you could help you might as well not reply.

Let me take a guess. You want your server to be full so other REAL players will join. I guess you caught on that populated servers get more people.

No. I have an average amount of people playing on my Sandbox. But at times, it is empty.

Your server is empty at times.

shit man you need some adverts.

Fake clients turn away players, they don’t bring them. As soon as a player sees the server is empty, yet there’s like a bunch of “unconnected bots” in there, they avoid it like the plague.

Teddi is right, every time I see a server, I always check it’s clients before actually joining. If the player list is blank, or has an ad for the software used, I’m avoiding it.

The only time I use fake clients is for redirecting an old server to a new server (Showing the new server’s playercount (Whether it’s 0 or not) on the old server.

You shouldn’t use fake clients unless you have a good reason (Like mine) to do so.

I have an awesome reason. Could you please share Flap?

If by “awesome reason” you mean “I want players on my server and think fake client will get me people :saddowns:” you are wrong.

You are also the reason Garry’s Mod needs a server blacklist.

Charles I beleive I stated that if you are not here to help, then you might as well not reply. Now stfu and go fuck a dog.

Perhaps if you told me in pm, and I find it a good reason, then I’ll post here to confirm the reason.

I already found one which requires Metamod, but my server host doesn’t allow dll files.

Then you won’t be able to use it. All ways of doing this require a dll or module of some description.

I do need fakeclients, how can I do it?
Reason to why I ask is because the server i wanna use it on are just a test server.

Any help? :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb bump" - Gran PC))

I’m pretty sure it was patched.

Can’t you just spawn bots then?

Won’t work with NCPS…
Need to have at last 2/32 at the most… some help?

Can’t you get a friend if it is a test?