Fake factory Barney

Hi I was wondering if anybody has fake factory cm10 and would be willing to get barneys model out of it because I don’t feel like installing gigs worth of bullshit just for one model.


if anyone actually does this I would be grateful thanks.

If you really want it, I’d personally recommend you download the model and “hex” it yourself

If I could simply do that I would but you know,you sorta gotta download 20 gigs of plastic dolls and other shit.

I’ll see what I can do. I was actually in the middle of downloading the CM10 Fake Factory models myself when I came across this thread. It’s going to take a while though, my download speed is horrendously slow as of late and it’s saying it will take 3 days to download. -_-

might need to replace your modem, or what do you think could be causing it?

It’s not my modem, it’s the download itself. I took a look at how many archive parts there were for CM10’s download, and decided to go with the torrent option so it could continue taking care of some personal things that I’ve got going on. Unfortunately for me, there’s only about 5 seeders at the most right now, so it’s going to take a while. It beats downloading the parts from Rapidshare though, last I checked that site locks you out for a few hours if you exceed 10 or so downloads in a row without a premium account, and I don’t really have that much time to spend on the computer for the next week or so.

I have CM11, you can stop now.

Taco N Banana does that shit by head hacking CM11 heads onto citizens in their megapack. I saw a few CM11 models in there like Breen, I suppose Barney can be in there if you look

I can confirm that it is not in the TnB packs.

There you go then, thought it was in pack though but whatever

i have ‘cm11’ models and texture.
but i don’t know this models search, and upload.

At the same time,could you hex the citizen models too?

but I do not know how to extract the model…

Where can I download this? I’d like to hex some of these models that come in and my download speed is relatively fast.

FakeFactory’s got a site,CM10 can be found there.

well I’m not sure if anyone had done this, I think it’s easier (if not tedious) is to just install the large amount of files of the mod and just take the model and materials from that mod and put them in gmod (I personally just make a new folder and info in the addon to separate the original and mod version of the models)

Unless I am mistaken, Minimole is only wanting the one model. Not to mention, but they stated that they’d rather not have to install a large amount of undesired files just to find the one model.

Well true, I guess it’s my fault for not reading that then my bad

Alright it downloaded, I’m extracting it right now, CM10.

If anyone has any hexing requests then ask here, because I plan on deleting the pack as I have no plan on using it after hexing what I want.

If you could hex as many of the citizens as possible that would be nice.