Fake Factory File Front Broken

I was looking for Materials and Models from the Cinematic Fake Factory that as a asian fat guy dead but File Front links are broken.
Someone knows how to get Materials and Models from Cinematic Fake Factory without using Torrents?
Can someone help me to get the fat guy?
Thanks for reading…

What’s wrong with using torrents to get FakeFactory’s cinematic mod? In fact, isn’t that actually one of the options for downloading the mod?

Torrents are perfectly legal, it’s using torrents to pirate content that isn’t and pirating can still be done without torrents. Nonetheless there are plenty of free to play MMOS even that give you a way to download their game via torrents to save time. Like Katra said, cinematic mod has a torrent download from the author himself and the game is just a free mod for Half-Life 2, so it’s perfectly legal.

I know Torrent would be easier but…
Well I cant download Torrent its bugged for this computer.

Describe how it’s bugged, please. It might actually be easier to help you fix the program you’re using for torrents than it is to download everything from that mod pack just to hunt down one specific model and re-upload it for you.

I download everything and when it finishes the Torrent dont run never responds…
When I gonna see the Torrent was not in anywhere instaled

What torrent client are you using?

I dont remember i tried time ago and I tried again with this a still dont work: http://www.utorrent.com/intl/pt/

What happens if you have a finished torrent and right click on it and click “open containing folder”?

Now it dosent run the download I click uTorrent.exe and nothing happens

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I would just need someone to download the version with that model I need and upload in other Link.
Yeh no one will do that :tinfoil:

It’s not that we won’t do it, it’s just that it’s a LOT of data to download and sift through just for a few specific files to upload. If we can help you fix your problem with utorrent, it would honestly be the easier option.

I find it the model thanks guys for trying to help I apreciate :slight_smile: