Fake FO3 servers.

Anyone else sick of these fake ass Fallout 3 servers that apparently have hard work put into but end up being DarkRP?

If should post your thoughts and maybe rate agree.

It wouldnt be that bad if the communities were abit better.

You try making it more “real” and see how well you do.

ALSO: L2Rant, this is how you properly rant on the subject:

Aren’t you sick of all the advertisments on fallout 3 roleplaying servers, so you think they seem brilliant, allthough when you join it’s yet another fucking crapsandvich where a buch of mentally challenged twelve year olds have yet another unoriginal server with no fallout features what so fucking ever? I mean, for fuck’s sake, if that’s what it fucking takes to call a fallout 3 server a fallout 3 server, then fallout 3 must be slang for “every fucking mingy server out there”. We should set up a law that says that any asshole who lies about fallout 3 servers gets a SEARING HOT MOTHERFUCKING RAILROAD SPIKE SHOVED UP THEIR PALE ASSES!

There, now crawl back into your little lair and complain on your own before I make a rant thread about how you suck at rants.

Troll much? I’m expecting a reply from you today.

Oh no! Someone isn’t worshipping my thread by agreeing on it to 100%! A different perspective! Incomming troll!

…Shut up, I’m a human being, and I got the right to an opinion, if I was a troll, then I’d be in the general discussion thread, talking about nuns doing scat porn. Trolls are pathetic, so stop being so condecending towards me.

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