Fake NPC - Entity with model + animations.

I’ve got a bunch of NPCs that don’t move, in fact they do nothing but stand there and wait to be USEd.

It’s currently using the SNPC system but surely this has a performance impact that I can get around.

Is there a way I can give a normal entity an NPC model and then just send it animations? I’m sure this will improve performance, and I’m sure it can be done. It literally just has to stand there running the idle animation and then display a few others while ‘talking’ to a player.

I’m thinking a prop_dynamic?

If anyone with experience in this field could help, it would be greatly appreciated.


i think this is what you need

Thanks! but how would I go about removing it’s 'Shooting it will cycle through the model’s animations. ’ feature?

Yeah, a prop_dynamic(_override) would be probably the best solution for that.
Just fire the input “SetDefaultAnimation <idleanim>” at spawn and use the input “SetAnimation <anim>” to change the animation when a player is ‘talking’ to it.

If you really want to use a real NPC instead, I recommend that you use a “monster_generic”. It doesn’t have the feature of changing its animations when shot that the cycler has.