Fake Player Script

Anyone know where I can find a Fake Player Script for my server? Ive seen a few servers with it… is it public? Thanks in advance!

This thread is not about “your thoughts” on the script. DON’T POST IF YOU CAN"T HELP.

Nobody likes to join a lying server. I suggest you die.

Yes, if you have to cheat your way into getting players to join your game, then you’re probably not running a very good server. Just treat your players with respect, start a small community, and people will play. You don’t need one of these to get players to join.

Maybe you should figure out why people don’t join your servers instead of lying and deceiving your players.

Just join GMod.biZ’s servers to get a taste of the kinds of servers that have to lie about their player counts just to get people to join.

Now now gentlemen. If he wants to be a despicable shit-licking asshole with no right to own a server, he can. That’s the wonderful freedom of the internet. You can find it here.

:doh: Why did you have to post the link?

Did it cause you a pang of annoyance and rage?

Thanks Lexic.

It made me die a little inside :frown: I hope your happy. We need to discourage this kind of crap.

It’s alright. He’s already sent me 2 pms showing he has no idea what the module even is, so I dobut it’ll be showing up anywhere. :v:

If it does, I’m sure it will disappear soon. Hintity hint hint

Anyone Know how to set it up?

Course not. I doubt anyone does. Just experiment. Cough Cough


We aren’t going to help you do this.

Offtopic: Also, it seems I attract the permahammer. Third one I’ve been hit by…

Alright, 5$ via paypal for anyone that helps me get this running and working.

I’m in :v:


I would take bribes over listening to rage any day.

Make it $100 and a 50% partnership in any profits you make from the server or any related Services (including, but not limited to, donations, ad revenue, transations, etc.), full admin access to the server, and full access to the forum, full creative control over the servers and forums (including, but not limited to, deciding the script the server uses, the objecticves and playing style of the server, the server’s name) and you got yourself a deal.*

  • Restrictions apply. Terms of this Agreement can be changed at any time, with or without prior notice. Void where prohibited.

Say What?

Anyone interested Pm me.


You are way too devoted to this. Just try to set up a server the honest way.