Fake Player Script

Why was I asleep when he offered the cash… :frowning:

It appears this plugin requires MetaMod.


Cool, it works.


Can you help me set it up on my server?

ur gay if ur reading this

Msn, No Thanks…

How about we don’t help you at all?

Why help him anyway?

He doesn’t deserve to have it.

Why post if your not helping me?

5 dolla

oh shit son a 32 slot server with 50 players must be p cool
I assure you that you should get players to play without a fake script, if I ever join one that has fake players, I immediately leave

WHY would we help you? For all we know you want to use this script to deceive us and other gmod players into thinking your server is the shit while it’s actually empty. Most servers who use it also run malicious scripts.

Like I said above 5 dolla to whoever helps me set it up. Also this Thread isn’t about your thoughts about the script, if you cant help me don’t post, don’t create flame/bump the thread.

The only group you’d actually have being regulars to your server would be little kids. The annoying ones that ask you questions all the time. Ew.

Expanding on that thought: Your server is going to fail hard either way. It’s a tough job running a decent server, and pretending you’re awesome is NOT a way to do that. But actually attracting people with the content of your server will do that. Or something. I’m tired. Gnight.

Also, Please tell us why you wish to have fake players?

I already Have it. I just need help setting it up.

I call lua viruz.

edit: Dumbed myself as well :smiley:

Umm? If I knew how to create an lua virus, I think I would know how to setup Fake player script…

You already rejected help from someone that offered it,

you’re stupid.

10$ and I will set it up for you.

Got help for free.