Fake players appearing on their own since last updates?

Recently, I think triggered by an update, my server has been receiving a lot of fake players that do not show up if you type “status in console”, but show up as connecting players and take up slots. After a few hours of uptime, as many as half of the players in the server are fake. Sometimes the fake players gain an extremely high playtime, such as several days, even if the server hasn’t even been up for a few hours.

I know that some other GMod servers are having the same issue, but couldn’t find any threads about this issue. I know it is not caused by a mod, because I don’t use any custom, non-standard addons/modules.

It seems that this is an issue on some CSS as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions? This gets pretty annoying because it prevents my server from actually filling up properly, because of these fake clients taking up all the slots.


There’s a thread about it on the TTT forums, located here.

Try putting that in your server config. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s worth trying.