Fake players are taking over Rust

Is Facepunch going to do anything with those servers that cheat their player numbers? Again, it seems that on more and more servers the player count can suddenly go up by 100 players in a matter of minutes. When you monitor the situation via BattleMetrics all these 100 players have joined the game at exactly the same time. For example, all these fake players have an online time of 00:33 while the other players have an online time of 00:14, 00:13, 00:07, 00:05, 00:02 in descending or ascending order. Then when you go to the server you can’t find a single player on the beach even if there are 250-300 players on the server and the map size is 3500.

They change the Assembly-CSharp logic and patch it, or they use some uMod (Oxide) add-on. This is ridiculous shit.

This is a problem also known on Garry’s Mod and for that matter also all games using Valve’s online services. You can easily tamper with the information sent to Steam servers. Unfortunately, I believe this problem is already known to the developers of Rust/Garry’s Mod so just wait. When in doubt, try asking on the official Discord anyway to see if anyone knows about the progress.

Good example: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/10477772