Fake servers with fake online

Hi. today i wana ask, what do u think about fake servers?Here is information about one fake server http://who.is/whois-ip/ip-address/
I know, that admin of that group http://vk.com/up_servers is making fake servers and one day of fake server with online ~180(200) cost 200 roubles.

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I really interesting how his server is showing at the server list.

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Here is his skype skype: chief_876 and steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/chief876

Im going to venture to say english isnt your first language. Im not exactly sure what the question is. Or perhaps im not sure what you mean by fake server.

For example, in this screenshot u can see fake server, if u will connect to it, u will be redirected to another server.

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Because real ip of that server is but u connect to

I think it’s pretty sad that he’s taking Rust so seriously during alpha that he has to spend extra money on fake servers just to give himself additional entries in the server list to get people into one server.

A lot of this activity will happen in Rust, this was a huge issue in Garry’s Mod but the majority of it was patched.

I remember in Garry’s Mod where people could ‘mimic’ servers and when a player connects, their Steam ID is grabbed and the person creating the mimics could use their Steam ID in other servers (so they would have their inventories, money etc).

I think that in rust it is much easier, u can make fake users with rust+ using console, but how he made server from russia and made it searcheable using server list i don’t know.

In Soviet Russia, you don’t connect to server, server connects to YOU.

Same happens with these two and few others :


Not mention they are being hosted locally (999 slots… lol…)

Looks like the server files were leaked again.


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Seems so, waiting for replay from admins.

I can’t wait to host my server locally… Hosting it with these sites sucks the chode. Less than 1gb of dedicated ram for a server? You need like 8gb just to run a Minecraft server smoothly.

Yep, me too.I have three dedictated servers, located at the different cities and i just waiting for server files )

FPSplayers has a pretty big RAM limit for their servers. My server stays around 800MB and according to their interface, that’s only 5%.

cs1.6 has this issue to, where it’s basically unplayable