Fakefactory Alyx model problem

I talk about this one (and actually every looking like this):

I’m encountering strange problem with this model.
I mean, everything, including weapon is invisible, excluding EMP tool.
Why is this not working properly?

its incorrectly hexed

Any solutions?



did you download all fakefactory model packs

you need all 5 for all models too work

No, I didn’t.
But then, why does this addon exist?

you need all of the packs for the models to work

just try it and see if it works

I’ve got low connection speed. 0.5GB is too much for me.
But, I’m asking again: why would they upload single model when it’s included in that huge pack?

how should i know but try it and see if it works

try it…it might work

But it’s senseless.
I’ve downloaded single model only not to download all of them.

I too downloaded this models and i discovered an error with her neck…there are pieces missing! Still a great model.