Fakefactory Studiomdl

Could someone please upload Fakefactory’s modified Studiomdl please? I would try to find it among one of his releases, but my internet is really bad and I am running out of space on my computer…

Well. About that, it comes with his Cinematic Mod in the “sourcemods\FAKEFACTORY_CM\bin” folder. I believe I know a solution to being low on memory on the hard drive, and that is to use the Control Panel, click on Uninstall a Program under “Programs” and uninstall those things you don’t use anymore.

Though, I wouldn’t mind uploading. I just don’t feel like it because I do not know which .DLL files are needed for Studiomdl to work

Well, thanks for the response, I will have to download the mod when I get home. It is horrible working on a laptop with a bad internet, this has 480-some MB of storage, my better comp. has 2 TB of storage. :suicide: