Falco Settings Not Saving!

I’m installed the newest version of Falco’s Prop Protection, both through the workshop and the github (obviously not at the same time). I deleted the tables in my database that were used (I tried a local database [sv.db] and one through my hosting) and it creates the proper tables that are needed. However, when I end up adding things to the prop blacklist/tool blacklist/physgun blacklist/etc., it doesn’t save when the server resets. My server automatically turns off at least once a day, so this isn’t something I can just deal with. I’ve checked and have seen many other people with the same issue across the web, but nobody else has an answer either. Can someone please help me out?

is your server a listen server, if not what host

I’m hosting through NFO Servers

thats weird, are you hosting a sandbox server?

It’s a gamemode derived from Sandbox; it’s actually Basewars

make sure your using most updated version of fpp and try reinstalling it if nothing works you try after doing this contact nfo

I’ve done both; is this really something that concerns them, or is this a “talk to the developer of FPP” kinda thing?

they’re there to help you lol

I just thought they were there for server-related issues (ie physical problems). Thanks for the insight!