"FALCON PUNCH!" Assassin gives a fatal punch on a soldier's torax/stomach.

Well the name says it all. It is an assassin sticking his arm throw a soldier’s insides lol my first attempt to implement blood on a pic.

There are two versions of the pic, tell me which one you like the most.

Horizontal Comic Type.

Vertical Comic Type.

C&C people!

Personal Comment: I know that the blood on the soldiers mouth is a little bright(Makes it look kinda like lipstick) but that was the idea since the light of the reactor its hitting on it.

Very nice work. Just a heads up though. You mixed up the layout types. Vertical is up and down. horizontal is side to side.

The second one has horribly stretched pics and you should make a better title, but its ok. Improve abit on the blood and it would be a pretty good short-comic.

Second one doesnt have the same scary effect, that face is scary D:

Ok i get it mates, definitely the second one looks bad :stuck_out_tongue: So I will go for the first one as my comic default ^^

Actually I’m making a Comic about this :stuck_out_tongue: Got already 3 chapters with at least 10 pages each lol I’m just checking how people react to my editing & posing. (I wont release it until I feel like I have achieved perfection on my comics :stuck_out_tongue: or at least a little close XD)

holy mother of dicks it’s that faggot masked guy from SW KOTOR2
I hate him.

I hate his ragdoll lol Its fuckin hard to pose him… and he is not finger posable =.= but he looks badass :smiley:

Why you hate him ? :stuck_out_tongue: