FALCON PUNCH! SWEP 2.0 - So much better than 1.0

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=57733


  • Added Normal punch (M2)
  • Falcon kick is now E+M2
  • Added a Skin
  • Added Explosions

It’s back! with a few modifications


Attention: The video is from the 2.0 version, but it’s basicly the same thing.


**NOW IT WORKS ON ADDONS :smiley: Sorry guys, i thought it was going to have some new animations but importing and exporting view models take years…

Nice release, Is there anyway you could get a custom model for it?

the reason it doesn’t work in addons folder is because you need an info.txt file in the falcon punch folder.
also downloaded!
Edit:I noticed alot of sound file does it use all of those?

What it needs is a custom model and a big yellow/fire-ish image when you are doing the falcon punch

Oh good god! :excited: I remember the first one, and i loved it! And i’m sure i’m gonna like this one too! Great work! Lua king.

I don’t know how to do this =/

this is how it’s done :wink:

	"name"		"Addon Name"
	"version"	"Version *****"
	"up_date"	"Upload Date"
	"author_name"	"*****"
	"author_url"   "http://websitehere.com"

	"author_email"	"E-Mail"
	"info"		"Small Description of your addon"

      		//"0"	"220"

“Show me a moose”

Great job. I like how it isn’t too overpowered. I king you, as Sir. LUA.

Just copy paste this into your info.txt, you have to include in your falconpunch folder

	"name"		"Falcon Punch"
	"version"	"Version 2.0"
	"up_date"	"03.12.2008"
	"author_name"	"Kyudaime"
	"author_url"   "http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?p=12657436#post12657436"

	"author_email"	"E-Mail"

      		//"0"	"220"

Thanks, if i make a new version, i will not forget the info.txt :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Have you thought of changing the bullet-hole decal (when the player punches a wall or something) to the explosion scorch mark decal?

If you people want this addon to work in your addon folder, all you have to do is copy and paste the text that this helpful person put in a code box above into notepad, rename the file to info.txt and put it in the folder “falconpunch”. The falconpunch folder can now be in addons.

EDIT: I was just using this swep, and the fast zombies do ignite after death!


I did turn the old Non-addon version into a addon, But, it is unneeded now, So, I got rid of it.

Video related.

How about a small slow-mo when you punch some one. (1 second)

LordBarron that info file is really poorly executed, you seem to take awfully lots of credit in it and you couldn’t even be bothered to mark the correct version, didn’t mark the authors name and for some unknown reason even set your e-mail in it.

Cool SWEP, could have used a longer hit distance, BUT.

It messed up my ASS mod.

Everything was working, didn’t add any addons to my server in the past few days, then I add Falcon Punch, and none of the admins can use their “+ASS_Menu” bind. It said the command didn’t exist.

I un-installed Ass mod, re-installed it, still didn’t work.

I un-installed falcon punch, and TADA! ass mod worked.

Try to fix this please, its a really cool swep.

ok, i dont know if anyone made this point but


now cptn. falcon sounds like a faggot. throw in the original sound and i will love you.

i can’t seem to get it to work where ever i put in
ether addon or garrymods folders none of them works

can someone help please?

working on 3.0

this time it will have cool falcon animations and falcon skins. i will get rid of the falcon kick and add a instant punch so admins can kill someone instantly if they want