Falco's Prop Protection problem! Help!

I am so fustrated with this problem! It has been plauging me for years now and I’ve had it! Whenever I select the 30+ tools I want to restrict in Falco’s Prop Protection, they REFUSE to save! I cant keep my settings on my server, and are forced to re-enter them all every time boot the server! Can anyone provide ANY insight on how to solve this problem? Anybody? If not, can someone direct me to a tool restrictor that is currently functioning?


use evolve’s built in tool restriction, way easier and faster. I have never had a problem with fpp before but its a longer process getting group tool restriction working.

Although FPP is starting to show its age, you can still manually set the settings in the .lua file itself. Also, did you set yourself as Superadmin in Users.txt or whatever? Haven’t checked in a while, but I’m pretty sure that this:

function FPP.AdminMenu(Panel)
	AdminPanel = AdminPanel or Panel
	local superadmin = LocalPlayer():IsSuperAdmin()
	if not superadmin then
		Panel:AddControl("Label", {Text = "You are not a superadmin
The changes you make will not have any effect."})

Might have something to do with it… Dumbs please if I’m wrong.