"Fall back! Fall back!!" - Captain Price is leading his squad members.


:slight_smile: hi

how do you get your models to pose properly eg:weapon poses,crouching all of that?

usually I port them and I use it.

I like this pic, and…I can’t see anything, I wouldn’t like… maybe the sky, but the rest is perfect…

Are they easy to pose?

now for a question, TSaudrl - Where’d you get the fixed version of those dudes!

True i would like to know also :slight_smile:

yes. easy to me.


well I re-ported them.

good job as usual

Could be confused with the game, I think.

I really like this. New desktop background for me :slight_smile:

Oh man, that’s pretty fucking sexy if you would ask me.

cool but those models are yours (sorry for my bad english)

Release these models please!!!

You could just have sent him a PM instead of bumping a 3 weeks old thread.


Here. It’s a pack of npc’s, that also contains the ragdolls.

Learn to read.
He re-ported them, the ones in that are fucked up.

i love the fact that price doesnt realise theres a BMP and Mi24 aiming at them. and the hind and bmp dont realise that theres a cobra flying towards them :smiley: