Fall damage and breaking legs

My first impressions: It’s pretty terrible. I just don’t see why such a big change was needed. You can’t walk off a rock without worrying about breaking a leg or half of your health depleting. I absolutely love the rest of things in the update, but I strongly feel that it takes away a chunk of the fun that the game has to offer. :suicide:

What do you guys think?


And yes, I think it’s certainly better than people jumping off of 10 story houses and being fine.

they wanted more realism i think

Probably needs to be toned down imo… I fell about 2 meters and took 54 damage and walked at a snail’s pace for ~20 or 30 seconds… pretty lame.

We have to get used to it but the few minutes I played with fall damage on, I felt it was too excessive, jumping from 2-3 meters and getting -40hp + bleeding + injured :confused:

This is part of the alpha. Play with it for a few days to see if you change your mind.

Please don’t try it for 20 minutes then decide you hate it and try to get us to change the game. It’s not how this process is going to work - and we’re going to end up listening to you less in the future.

Very true. I’m just posting my first impressions.

damn, i keep forgetting this and i have died a few times already far away from my base with kevlar on for jumping off cliffs. but i kind of like this, if we are raiding a house this avoids people jumping down from their roofs and shoot us in the back,

i love the changes so far , before jumping off a 4 story house an take 0 dmg wasnt realistic at all now you have to think twice before jumping .

I personally like the idea, still can’t try it out. The lag hasnt gotten any better even after the update.

I like this new falling damage then I just cant run around like the worst quake game I have to think before I do runn around like in reality on dangerous cliffs …

Of course. I’m simply saying that the height at which you are safe from being damaged should be increased.

I love the fall damage, but its just need some balance. This is why we are alpha testers.

I tested it first thing when I logged in on a rock I figured should have given me 10-20 fall damage and ended up taking 40 dmg, bleeding and breaking my legs. It seems a little rough atm but I like that they’re starting to work on it. It’s certainly better than letting people build towering structures and start jumping out the windows at the top.

I’ve yet to hear any confirmation, but I’d love to think this will dramatically put a dent in the super jump hacker asshats we’ve likely all seen from a hacker video report or experienced directly in game.

I believe rust is now completely protected my valve anti hax. It gives me a warning when I join the game even, so hopefully the asshats are done for!

Time to build some 1st 2nd and 3rd foundation drops and see what the damage is. This is going to be so funny. I’ve gotten so used to leaping from 7 story buildings or casually bouncing about the mountains. Lol.

mmk tried it out it’s cool that they implemented it (Although IMO too early in beta to add this feature better things could have been included first cough lock and key system) but the damage is way too high as it stands for such little falls, I’ve scaled mountains on trips and you can jump pretty far without actually hurting yourself if you know what you’re doing. Currently just walking off a standard rock takes half your health… and breaks your legs… while I remember being 6 and playing on rocks that size with ease.

Great point. VAC and this would prob. eliminate those kind of cheaters.

The falling damage needs to be decreased by, approx. , 50-60%.
When I fall down of a rock , that is approx 5-8m - I’m receiving a 50+dmg + a broken leg.

Yeah, but we’ve all seen how VAC stood against cheaters in past games…